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When I first began the interview process, my intention was simply to explore the possibilities of entrepreneurship to see if it was the path for me. I wanted to take a look at what being in business for myself really meant before I took the leap.  I must give credit where credit is due. It was my wise and wonderful wife who suggested I interview 50 entrepreneurs. She secretly hoped that by the time I interviewed 50 people, I would forget about this crazy idea and stick to my daily grind.  Truthfully, we were both pretty fearful of giving up the security of a steady paycheck to start a business.

I took my wife’s advice and began reaching out to schedule interviews with entrepreneurs from a variety of industries and backgrounds. What began as a career exploration exercise turned into something much bigger than I ever imagined. In the process of doing those first 50 interviews, I had a personal awakening. I was enlightened, not only about all things entrepreneurial, but also about the power of the interview process itself. I am a voracious reader of non-fiction. I have always enjoyed learning from the experiences of others. As I completed each interview, I was struck by the potency of the information that was being offered through the oral exchange of ideas.

When information is shared orally and in the first person, the truth, in all its glory, comes out.  When we write, we can’t help but make little corrections.  As we strive to conform grammatically, socially or culturally to prescribed conventions, the essence of our story is often diluted.  Bits of truth remain but important aspects of the message get lost in the translation as we put our thoughts and oral musings into written form.

By taking the time to ask questions of people who are living some reality and then really listening to the answers, I discovered the unwritten rules, the unspoken truths and particular insights of the entrepreneurial experience. I was given the opportunity to stand, for a moment, in fifty different pairs of shoes of people actually in the trenches of the experience. The interviews are unedited and unadulterated by the filters of well-meaning writers and editors or even by the entrepreneurs themselves.  This gives readers the opportunity to discern the information in its purest form and to ultimately draw their own conclusions.

As a result of doing 50 interviews, I did make the leap from employee to entrepreneur. To this day, my career exploration continues, and I am excited for the adventures that lie ahead. Exploring 50 different perspectives on a single topic is transformative and it is exciting to see the concept applied to so many different life experiences.

As you read each interview, you will discover some unexpected truths. I invite you to open your mind, set any preconceived notions aside and step into someone else’s shoes.  The hope is that through the process of learning from the experiences of others, you will be inspired to take action and move forward on your own journey.

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As of 2017, I am not currently pursuing any new 50 Interviews titles in the traditional book format, but I am exploring some online only routes. If you are interested in participating, I'd love to hear from you.

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~ Brian Schwartz, Founder

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